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The Problem

"I often don’t trust the built-in search to return better results than I’d get from Google"
typical User

Nowadays people prefer to search google on how to buy a house, get travel insurance, choose their next notebook - even if they already know their prefered brand. Letting users search on google rather than on your own websites, puts you in the danger zone. Maybe google is not showing your result, and if they do, for sure a competitor has bought some Adwords to steal attract your customers.

The Solution

Existing build-in-search tries to answer your request based on keyword search. For certain use cases where you exactly looking for a phrase in a document this is great. But it is awful in many cases, when the system does not understand the intent of the user.

How it works

SuperSearch takes the searched keyword from a local website, calls the SuperSearch API. Amonghst other things SuperSearch calls the IBM Watson Assistant to understand what End Users are looking for. Finally SuperSearch then decides

  • if it has the final answer and nothing more is needed
  • if it needs to connect to existing Company Databases first. For example to convert currency on the fly
  • or if it returns a simple Keyword search



How do we plan to enter the market.

1st Qualify for San Francisco

Introducing SuperSearch at PartnerWorld would be a strong signal to the market, that there is a new kid in town.

2nd First client online

Proof of concept with SuperSearch for the Swiss National Recycling System for electrical equipment from Swico by December 2018.

3th Product market fit

In our sales process we target big international brands where we can offer quick wins for their build-in-search - and growth once we are in. It will be our job in the next 3 months to understand what kind of clients are seeing the need, are willing to start a project and have the potential to growth as soon as they start using SuperSearch. With growth we mean that the search volume will massively increase as soon as their user experience the superiority of this new way how to navigate and find the wanted content.

Our focus lies on industry leaders where we see a potential to scale within the industry.

If you know someone who we should talk to, drop Daniel a mail: dn@netlive.ch.


Since 1995 Netlive IT AG developes Software and Internet Solutions for a wide range of clients in Switzerland. For two years we are using Watson Services for Brands like UBS, IKEA, localsearch (Swisscom) and Novo Nordisk.


Daniel Niklaus

Idea & Concept

Dominic Hehli

Coder Watson-Services

Marion Scheuzger

Webdesign / Dialog

Diego Martignalia



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CH-9053 Teufen

151 W Canada Suite A
San Clemente, CA 92672


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